Describing Creative Practise. Week 2.

We were put into groups of two to document things you do every day. Basic things and draw a diagram of the process in order. It was to highlight how you can forget the little things when you do something all the time. Liv chose to document washing her tortoise… I chose making a cup of tea.

Bathing Miss Silver


Later we were put into groups of four and the challenge was to build the highest tower possible using only dried spaghetti, masking tape, a brown paper bag and a piece of string. On the top of the tower had to sit a marshmallow. It was harder than expected. Working with people you don’t know, recognising your role in the group and for me personally, having to break down how it would work; the problem solving aspect. I usually work instinctively, going more with feeling.

We never got the highest tower, but it stood!

20131018_115337 20131018_121635

Paper Theatre Workshop.

We had a one day workshop on making paper theatres out of shoe boxes. The research was interesting as I found I really enjoyed David Hockney’s set design work. I found it fascinating, almost creepy, this surreal other world.

During the workshop, I must admit, it wasn’t my finest hour at all. I don’t think personally, I will use this workshop and make any more box theatres, although it did make me think about pacing and narrative and I would actually like to do something on a large scale in a small space, like an instillation piece bringing people into another world. I will think about taking it in other directions.


Commonplace book pieces.

Here are pieces I have made to put into my commonplace book. I will add to this post the more I do.


Broken. Mixed media.

Taken from song lyrics that rang true to describe a situation I had just got out of. How you can look back on something with a clear mind once you have stepped away from it.


Heartbeats. Mixed media and collage.

A happy piece about an unexpected collision.


29. Mixed media and collage.

At the moment, all of my friends are settling down, getting mortgages, having babies, getting married… I can’t think of anything worse than having something that would tie me to one place. I think society expects that when you are my age, these are the things you should be doing. It makes me feel like I am less adult and childish to be happy going to university and having plans to have no plans to settle somewhere and go wherever the wind may take me. But I’m happy that way.


People Say I’m a Dreamer, But I’m just sitting here. Watercolour.

Based on tattoos I have on my feet. They are a mix of two John Lennon songs, Imagine, which was my Granddad’s favourite song and Watching the Wheels, one of my favourites by him. Fear-More

A Fear of Failure. Collage.

I have high expectations for myself. I always have. There are things I want to achieve and do with my life. To be a successful illustrator and to travel the world are the two most important things to me.


Keep Yourself Familiar With the Angels. Watercolour.

This is based on a poem I have tattooed on my arm in memory of my Grandparents. It reads;

Keep yourself familiar with the angels and behold them frequently in spirit, For without being seen, they are present with you.

The idea, even though they are passed, there are parts of them that become who you are. Everything they taught you and their love, will always be with you.


Read my Mind. Mixed media.

Taken from song lyrics that I have tattooed round my wrist; “I never really gave up on breaking out of this two star town”. Liverpool is definitely not a two star town, but I have always wanted to live in different places. This reminds me when I become complacent.


The End. Mixed media.

When sometimes there is nothing more to say because it has all been said before.

Commonplace sketchbooking

This project was hard to get into. At first I thought, a book about myself, however I can run with it? Perfect! But the more you look into it and begin to psychoanalyse yourself, the more complicated it becomes. Whether it becomes something you don’t like about yourself, raw memories, harsh realisations or the vulnerability of showing personal things to the world, for me, it become hard to penetrate. I think I made constant mind maps, once a week for near the whole summer, never amounting to anything cause I just couldn’t get my head around it. Once i started, it felt loose and enjoyable, not worried about what people would say because it is so personal, it felt liberating. The only thing that then impacted on it was the time. Even though I had a lot of time from the initial briefing , when I kicked into creative mode, it later on started to feel like I was doing things for the sake of getting the book finished which just clashed with the whole feel. I hope to continue this and see what it grows to be. But it feels too close to be something that is forced.

C-Book-mind-mapAngels-planin-the-mindof-the-physicalof-the-heartback-tattoosLewis-sketchissue-thought-traincat-sketchwasps angels-coloured-pencil Angels-watercolour- Dreamer-oil-pastel

Charity Brief 1 day workshop

Today we were given a briefing where we are to select a charity, preferably with a personal connection, contact them and see if you can help promote their cause. I immediately thought of a friend who has a daughter with autism. She wants to raise awareness in adults of why her daughter, and other children, are how they are, and hopefully they can help their children understand more to and stop the automatic judgement and blame she and other parents have to endure.

I read on my friends blog about how her daughter lives contently in her own little world which led me on to thinking of bubbles. How they can protect from the outside but also keep the external out.

I stuggled at first as I made the mistake of using pencil to plan when I work with collage and mixed media usually. I was directed to then start to experiment with materials rather than scribbles.

It was a hard day, but I made a couple of roughs which I will now take forward with the full brief, keeping in contact with my friend and finding a charity for children with autism.

Bubble-head Headphones1 inner-bubble little bubble ripped-inner

My friends blog. Heartbreaking and heart lifting in equal measure…