Charity Brief 1 day workshop

Today we were given a briefing where we are to select a charity, preferably with a personal connection, contact them and see if you can help promote their cause. I immediately thought of a friend who has a daughter with autism. She wants to raise awareness in adults of why her daughter, and other children, are how they are, and hopefully they can help their children understand more to and stop the automatic judgement and blame she and other parents have to endure.

I read on my friends blog about how her daughter lives contently in her own little world which led me on to thinking of bubbles. How they can protect from the outside but also keep the external out.

I stuggled at first as I made the mistake of using pencil to plan when I work with collage and mixed media usually. I was directed to then start to experiment with materials rather than scribbles.

It was a hard day, but I made a couple of roughs which I will now take forward with the full brief, keeping in contact with my friend and finding a charity for children with autism.

Bubble-head Headphones1 inner-bubble little bubble ripped-inner

My friends blog. Heartbreaking and heart lifting in equal measure…


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