Commonplace sketchbooking

This project was hard to get into. At first I thought, a book about myself, however I can run with it? Perfect! But the more you look into it and begin to psychoanalyse yourself, the more complicated it becomes. Whether it becomes something you don’t like about yourself, raw memories, harsh realisations or the vulnerability of showing personal things to the world, for me, it become hard to penetrate. I think I made constant mind maps, once a week for near the whole summer, never amounting to anything cause I just couldn’t get my head around it. Once i started, it felt loose and enjoyable, not worried about what people would say because it is so personal, it felt liberating. The only thing that then impacted on it was the time. Even though I had a lot of time from the initial briefing , when I kicked into creative mode, it later on started to feel like I was doing things for the sake of getting the book finished which just clashed with the whole feel. I hope to continue this and see what it grows to be. But it feels too close to be something that is forced.

C-Book-mind-mapAngels-planin-the-mindof-the-physicalof-the-heartback-tattoosLewis-sketchissue-thought-traincat-sketchwasps angels-coloured-pencil Angels-watercolour- Dreamer-oil-pastel


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