Describing Creative Practise. Week 2.

We were put into groups of two to document things you do every day. Basic things and draw a diagram of the process in order. It was to highlight how you can forget the little things when you do something all the time. Liv chose to document washing her tortoise… I chose making a cup of tea.

Bathing Miss Silver


Later we were put into groups of four and the challenge was to build the highest tower possible using only dried spaghetti, masking tape, a brown paper bag and a piece of string. On the top of the tower had to sit a marshmallow. It was harder than expected. Working with people you don’t know, recognising your role in the group and for me personally, having to break down how it would work; the problem solving aspect. I usually work instinctively, going more with feeling.

We never got the highest tower, but it stood!

20131018_115337 20131018_121635


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