Editorial Brief.

This brief and workshop I found challenging and very informative. The deadline was tight, to allow us to experience how it would be in real life. We were given a group of words and a very short amount of time to illustrate these words five times. It challenged us in the way sometimes we automatically go straight to the obvious representations and stereo types. We learnt a lot about how to narrow things down and not to always just jump on the first idea that springs to mind as it is usually the idea that comes to mind of most people. Try and pick our brains for a more interesting option.

After the workshop we were given two news articles to look at. The one I chose was about men being photographed without their knowledge and/or consent and posted to a blog called “Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train”. The article was written in a sympathetic manner towards these men. I also read it with sympathy as I believe it is disgusting to humiliate people. However, then I done some research… some of the men on this blog, my sympathy stayed with them, they were not on purpose taking up more room than what is deemed acceptable, but others, they sat/ lounged, lay there with no consideration for any other passenger. Leaving people to stand while they unapologetically sat with their legs spread wide, even up on seats. So… this created a bit of a grey area for me which led me to not lean in too much of either direction with my pieces. I wanted the idea of the man in the middle or cornered by this spiderweb of cyber slander, but then for the reader to make their mind up whether it is a deserved intimidation or not.

I made a couple of ideas in m sketch book, then a couple of similar pieces, trying to take the pressure of the ‘final piece’ and choosing which one I thought worked best. This is the one I will post last.




Although I must say, after getting these pieces printed, I am not sure if I refer the originals. I thought they looked better sharpened up on the screen, but seeing the hard copies, something doesn’t sit right. This is what we have been getting told about looking after our work beyond it’s completion. How the colours can change again when taken to print. I must of been lucky with my other printed work as I have been pleased with the outcomes. I think if I would of had more time I would of asked someone what they thought and how I could edit them again to get the effect I want on the screen and also when printed.


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