What is Drawing?

This week we have entered into our Field options where all the Art and Design students collaborate within the options we have chosen. I think choosing Drawing with Philosophy was definitely the right option for me. I am hoping to get from this new ideas for drawing, trying new techniques I haven’t tried before, but for me also, I think quite deeply about things. I question things quite a lot and have been called a dreamer, so the discussions and questions arising have given me a lot to think about.

The question raised; “What is drawing?” is going to vary depending on the person answering and not everyone will ever agree. When first asked “Is walking drawing?” and then “Is eating drawing?” at first I thought that walking would be classed as a drawing but eating, no. Just cause I was thinking along the lines of drawing has to be some sort of an output. Whereas eating is an input. But then this goes against what I am mostly, if I am a dreamer, then most things happen in my head and using my own imagination, other people are not going to see this. I will now say that anything could be classed as drawing, because you can make a connection with anything. Something can be a drawing if you can see a mark/impression straight away, but then also if something stimulates your imagination, makes you think, create a mark in your own mind, then that is a drawing.

I have taken a couple of books out of the library to read up on an introduction to Philosophy. I am then looking forward to researching more into the Philosophy behind drawing.

We had to come up with a question today, some sort of experiment with drawing you wanted to conduct. ‘ How Does Mood and Environment Affect Your Perception?’ I brought in 3 magazines and a scalpel. I am thinking of creating two pieces. Both cutting random bits up from the magazines and sticking them to the pages. Then, like when you were a child, try to find pictures/objects in the clouds, try and do the same with these pieces. On one, see what I can pick out depending on my mood. Draw onto the piece what I can see that day and make notes. I’m expecting when in a good mood to be more open and to be able to pick out more. Also, with the other piece, change my surroundings, see what I can depict and how the environment influences what I can see.

These were the conclusions the three groups came up with on deciding what is drawing, could be drawing and what is not drawing. Although within groups, the people could not always agree.

Drawing Philosophy 16 Jan 2014 – Warm-up conversations
Is Walking Drawing? Is Eating Drawing?

Always Drawing Maybe/sometimes Not drawing
Group 1 Driving
Looking at a drawingSleeping
(possibly, because you dream, which I believe is drawing in the mind; make marks with the movements of/during sleep)
Telling the time
Trading in the stock market
Sports and exercise
Not drawing
Group 2 Drawing
(because there are strategies / gameplan; could make marks on the pitch)
Washing your hair
Feeling emotion
(not a tangible thing)
(No interaction/ physicalcontact)
Sitting down (because you’re still)
Group 3 Drawing
Kids on the beach
Sleeping (drawing of the mind; artists inspired by dreams)
Driving in a Car (tyre marks)
Flying in a plane (cloud trails)
Breathing (if it is cold there is a visible breath)
Being on the phone
Watching telly
Sitting on the toilet
Doing nothing

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