Drawing with the unconventional.

At the end of one lecture we were asked to discuss in pairs an unconventional medium to experiment drawing with in time for the next lecture. There were suggestions for hair, spaghetti, growing grass, a car or wheel and we suggested bleach and bleach was chosen.

It was strange drawing with bleach as even though I was expecting a change, a transformation, usually whenever I have ‘drawn’ anything, the mark had been instant, so having to wait to see the outcome was alien to me and liberating. I enjoyed the fact you couldn’t control the product once you poured it. It had a voice of it’s own. I did flick water at parts to see if that affected to marking and also fairy liquid. I didn’t want to use material as I knew how that would draw the colour pigment out of the material, so I tried a newspaper which was mostly filled with black print and a piece of cardboard. I was shocked to find that the bleach only made the most subtle of marks on the newspaper, lifted the ink slightly to a dark green in places, yet the cardboard which I didn’t hold out too much hope for turned out beautifully.

It was an interesting process and also to see some of the results of the other students. One person drew with it over quick and the results were stunning. I would like to try this with my collage works. but also taking into consideration the meaning of using bleach, of wanting to draw something out.

There was a conversation of “is there a point to pushing these boundaries, or are you experimenting for the sake of experimenting and stepping into the bizarre and strange just for the sake of it?’I think for now i got enough out of the bleach to want to take that further rather than putting it to the wayside to try something else. It has definitely make me think about how other unconventional materials can be used instead of staying within your comfort zone.

Bleach 1 Bleach 2


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