Lion canvas.

After painting people canvases for Christmas presents I realised how much i enjoy painting and how much I miss it as I don’t do very much of it in my illustration work. It makes me feel completely different compared to when I am collaging. When I am collaging I am more calm and I am evaluating everything as I go along, more experimental with the material and more particular. Even the music I listen to is different, a bit more mellow, enjoyable, but in the back ground. When I am painting and using mixed media, even though I am still collaging to a certain extent, it’s a completely different feeling. i feel more free and I loosen up allowing the material to also have a say. It is liberating. And it’s messy, extremely messy, which I love. The music I listen to is more up beat and bold, which mirrors the way I work. It’s quick and expressive. I wouldn’t want to change how I am mostly working with collage as I thoroughly enjoy it, but it is nice to let go a little.

I am trying to put myself out there offering to paint people customised canvases. It does feel like i am cheating a little as i get my reference mostly from the internet, but I do put my own spin on things.


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