The dreaded Dissertation.

I had a tutorial on Friday to finally help decide what route I am taking for my dissertation. I thought I either had no real idea what to write about or too many ideas. I filled the form in to help make sense of things and Martyn went through it with me. When asked about keywords or artisits I am interested in I wrote Hannah Hoch, Henrik Drescher, collage, embodiment and mess and also what I wanted to find out more about I wrote;

1) To find out more about my practice (collage), why I work the way I do and how other artists create using it. To find out more about what mess means and how I can only be creative when surrounded by mess, why it helps me unravel thoughts.

2) I am also very interested in gender issues/stereotypes, what glamour is and really stands for, social issues and expectations and embodiment.


Martyn said there were two dissertations here, option one and option two although they all can interlink, embodiment especially crosses over into both. All of my key words were pointing to chose the first option, which to me would be (in my eyes for this moment in time) more beneficial, the second option I can take on through later projects. I felt I firstly wanted to research more into option one but felt there could possibly be more accessable reference material for the second. However, I am glad we chose to run with the first and the tutors will now meet to decide the best person to be assigned to for my tutorials and get a referencing list together.

I have no title or question yet, that will be decided a little later. Also we spoke about what type of dissertation to write. I had mentioned earlier my frustrations about the amount of reading, not that I am ignorant enough to be completely against it, but I don’t want it to keep over riding my image making. We decided the best option for me would be to write a 6000 word paper with a piece of art work to go with it. What originally put me off this choice was the idea of one finished piece. I didn’t know whether it would be like a seperate running project as well as reading and writing the paper and my FMP, but I was told it didn’t have to be that way. It makes sense for it to be a collection of experimental work that has been inspired by what I have read and vice verca, so the image making and reading are feeding each other. It doesn’t have to amount to a polished finish piece but more of an understading of techniques and how I work, which is exactly what I want. I want to make this run parallel with my final project too so they can all benefit each other. I’m feeling a lot more positive going into this now.


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