Developing drawing conversations with collage.

Looking back through my conversation sketchbook, I wanted to develop some of the collaborative sketches with collage, see what I can come up with using the ideas that came quickly from the workshops. Here I will post some developed work alongside what they were prompted from.

constentina-book-1                                              collage conversation 1

constantina-book-3                                    collage-conversation-2

constentina-book-2                                         scissor-legs

constantina-book-4-1                 shoes1

constantina-book-5          >abstractabstract-fish-woman


passer                <Response to note I found. I crossed the ‘to’ out and added ‘do not’. People are always in a rush. It’s nice to spend time in a place or just time with yourself. It reminded me of a brief our tutor, Chris, set; Stop, switch everything off and be who you are for 10 minutes.

thoughts       <Response to an article I noticed as I was cutting up magazine pieces. It was an interview with a man who said “I remember when I was first in love with my wife I said; “I am jealous of your thoughts because they are inside of you”. It seemed like a bit of a confession, yet, I, myself, and I’m sure plenty of others have wondered what someone is really thinking or how they are feeling. It is something that unless spoken, you will never truly know. Even when spoken, the thoughts can be altered. I chose to blur the words a bit with masking tape to keep the confession feeling, also to create a wondering of whether the words were actually said or are they spoken in a thought too.

songbird- > Response to the song ‘Songbird’ by Oasis.


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