Sketchbook collaging.

My friend gave me some magazines for my collage work. I sat in work and set myself the task of making something out of limited resources. Sometimes I think I am guilty of over complicating things and looking to too many things, so I wanted to challenge myself and give myself a limit. Using just one magazine I flicked through to see what type caught my eye and then using just that one magazine, respond to it. There was an advert with a woman in a feminine, floaty dress with the words ‘You are woman?’. This made me think of the social expectations of women. How there are two contradicting views; one, should be lady like, should act in a certain way, opposite to a man when it comes to life style and sex. Yet the other is sexually objectified. It made me question why if they can be sexually objectified, then why are they frowned upon if they become the subject?








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