Limited Edition… Unlimited Vision.

Today was our introduction to our second Field module; Limited Edition… Unlimited Edition. It seems very open. I need to read the brief again, but what I got from it was that we took control, we decide what we are going to do and ask for guidance rather than be told what to do and look for approval. There is the opportunity to sell your edition, whatever it may be and there will be talks on how to go about selecting your audience and how to pitch your work. But this is an extra, not a necessity.

I’m going to use this opportunity to focus more on my collage. I made a few rough notes as I was listening to the talk. I want to make something that shows the limited edition in a limited time frame. If this makes sense? Something that I have taken and reworked from this time, this week, then together these five weeks, that will then tell a story of this time frame. As this time frame will never be repeated. History. I am thinking of making a collage per week, splicing together things that p*ss me off. I get annoyed a lot about articles on so called ‘celebrities’, glamorising air heads, forcing impressions on girls of how to look, what to judge them selves against and influencing expectations of men. I read an article last week about a woman who was taking hypnotherapy to become brain dead like Barbie. This made me rage. I now think I should turn this anger, bewilderment, questioning of “what is life?” into my work. I might actually find it therapeutic to cut the photographs of these idiots up.

I’m thinking of splicing these with politicians. They are always in the forefront of the news, with their greed, smarmy smiles and their embarrassing attempts to convince us that they know what it is like to live in the real world. With these, I don’t feel as much anger as what I do for the above, although I should; I think I have just come to the conclusion they are all the same. Like I am a bit of a loss with it all. But there is a sense of gloom in the air. No one is standing up to anything, just waiting to be pummelled like a raspberry in the bottom of a mojito glass.

So… I’m thinking of making satirical/ non sensical collages of these. Buying a newspaper and a weekly magazine (reluctantly) at the beginning of the week, seeing what is going on, what the editors think we want/need to know and coming up with something that shows just how pathetic I think it all is.

I have no idea how I want to format this. Maybe four individual collages contained in a box. Maybe a pandora’s box containing all the horrors inside. Or a box with a curtain, so when the viewer is fed up of looking at it, can just draw the curtains and not be bothered by it again. Maybe also a continuous collage running through an accordion book, running week by week. Maybe one that also runs day by day? Maybe…

This is all subject to change.





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