Sheridan Ward at The Pavilion.

Yesterday I was taken to see an exhibition by Sheridan Ward. What struck me first was her beautiful use of colour. All of her work was based around Penarth and nature. The touch of her brush reminded me of Van Gogh’s but more gentle, like the paint had lightly been tapped onto the canvas, yet it was still expressive. Some pieces were calm, others were alive. I personally loved how close up, the colours seemed to just sit there with no purpose, not trying to represent anything, which was still beautiful, but then as you stepped away, the scene came into focus.

I was a little offended by some of the viewers comments. Sometimes I feel frustrated that some people only appreciate an exact replica of the object the artist is painting/communicating. Why? Why would you want exactly the same thing you can see when you personally view the object/scene? Isn’t it more stimulating to have an expression that allows you to see it differently, invites you to use your imagination? Or maybe that’s the trouble, imagination is lacking, or left rotting away in a buttie box in a long forgotten classroom.





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