Another change in direction. Well, sort of…

After my End of Term Tutorial with Amelia, I spoke to her about possibly going into the collage option; Gorilla in the Roses, when my timetable allowed and allow it to run alongside my work for Limited Edition. Seeing as it is solely collage based and I wanted to make satirical collaged pieces in the form of a book, I thought this could be possible. I was advised to drop Limited and focus on Gorilla. I must admit that I am a little relieved for the workload after hearing the schedule for Gorilla as well as the speed Limited would be running at. I am still going to use Gorilla to help with my idea of the splicing magazine images of ‘celebrities’ with the politicians, as I think it could really work. But I am going to use these workshops to advance my process. There is exciting talk of workshops involving Photoshop editing, video and concertina books for narrative, coincidence… So this option seems to be ticking all of the boxes for me. It was possibly the most satisfying day I have had in University so far.

I made two collages, both will be scanned, posted and explained next week.



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