Canvasing for business…

Canvasing for business...

Another canvas painted ready to adorn the wall of someone’s room.

I’m a little bit, lets say, disheartened with this kind of work and the response it gets. I’ll keep doing this if it makes me money as a side line, but, well, for obvious reasons, I don’t feel too much of a connection with it. It is essentially copying someone else’s work but painting as I do. I feel that with this especially, even more so than the others as this is taken from a painting where the others were from photographs. Where I could at least feel I had transferred the reference to a different realm. I felt a little restricted with this also as the client wanted me to just use paint at first and was a little bit worried about being too expressive. I did convince them to allow me to use just subtle extras, but I felt like I had to tone it down a lot. Maybe that’s another factor with my lack of feeling towards it. Although I do enjoy still the thought of it being on someone else’s wall and them appreciating it.
I posted this to my personal Facebook page and received the most ‘Likes’ I have ever received for a picture. It is flattering, but also a little frustrating that people seem to like what is pretty to look at and don’t have to engage enough to unravel a meaning or a narrative. More thought goes in to my collage work, more deliberation, selection and editing, but a lot of people don’t get it and probably just see mess. Why would you want to see the world in the same way as everyone else.

Saying that, want a canvas painting for the home? I’m your gal!


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