Fend for Themselves.


Not too sure on the name for this… this will be getting changed at some point! Also relating to the previous pieces inspired by newspaper articles. This one was titles ‘Catastrophe! Government cuts means elderly will be left to fend for themselves.” Hardly original, but still thought provoking. The article was written alongside a photograph of an elderly man in a shirt being handed over some tablets. He looked ironically like an old David Cameron. I tried to work with this, but couldn’t get the man and the fact it was newspaper against magazine cuttings to work. I did want to keep to the plan of using material I found from the weeks newspaper/magazines, but felt for this, it would mean sacrificing the impact of the image for the sake of it.
Again I have used the umbrella to show unawareness/ignorance. The upside down spoon showing how the care is inaccessible, the man in a hospital bed in the vault was a play on a couple of things, one, if you shut something away out of sight, it is easier to ignore and two, it is a bank vault, if a person has money, they have more chance of getting the care they need. Again, there is a person inside noticing this going on.



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