Overall, I feel there has been an improvement with the course in comparison to last year. The first term within Illustration felt a little manic. It seems like we are trying to cram everything in to such a short space of time as we only have that one term of Illustration before we disperse again. I still tried to be a little experimental with materials, but some projects never went too well. What did begin to stand out was my collage and I realised I needed to pursue that. Also, my tutorials with Anna and Amelia have proved most useful, they have given me every bit of guidance they can. Field has been a lot more fruitful than last year. Last year left me feeling like we had been abandoned for a term. No one knew what was going on. It’s a lot more structured now and I can take what I have learned in my two options forward into my practice. The combination of the end of last term, myself realising collage is the route I want to pursuit, me taking that to field and seeing how my first option could add to it, then my second option being all about collage and satire, this has snowballed and guided me to an area of interest for my dissertation. At the beginning of the year, I thought about refining my research on the subject I wrote about last year; gender and stereotypes, but this is something I feel I can explore within my work and what I want to research is about the collage process itself, what it can be used for, how it is viewed and why it can create so much controversy.

This however has all accumulated without the constellation option. Last year, I still don’t know exactly what my sessions were about as they seemed to be trying to satisfy the interests of everyone, so every session was different and with a broad scope of subject matter, I found it hard to keep up, or find the relevance personally. This year, I was placed within my second choice option. I originally thought it would help my articulate myself when I talk about my practice and my work, it would help me document and become more comfortable with explaining my process as there is usually a meaning and reason behind what I do. I don’t feel it was as I expected. With due respect to the tutor.  Maybe Constellation would be more useful if for the first term we concentrated on the dissertation, started to gather the groups together with similar areas of interest and then run session to help inform you with reading lists and research, etc. This has started to come about now in the second term but it feels completely disconnected to the first term. I don’t really understand what the point of the first term was? (So four terms of this really, including last year). This way it would give you more guidance and time on the books we need to read and write reviews on for our dissertation proposal. Also, to possibly include sessions on how to write literature reviews and other things like abstracts that we need to put together for our proposal, as all of this has only been touched upon in one two hour session, but I feel like it is more important than that.

As i stated earlier, I do feel there has been an improvement in the year this time around, but saying that, I still feel like I am not prepared for my third year. I’m entering it with only two terms of illustration behind me when other years and Universities have had six. I am trying to be positive about this year, but it is hard to forget that we are the first year going through all the changes and teething problems and paying an extortionate amount of money for the trouble. And we are to move campus for our final year…


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