Shed Light. CSAD Illustration Society. Decorating lightbulbs.

Decorated lightbulb for the society fundraising stand. 
Representing time and life, everything has a life span and life is what you make of it. Some of the things we do are pointless, some things deceive, some things will inevitably pass or deteriorate, but if they mean something to you, hold on to them for as long as possible. Love everything you can.


Presentation on the TED talk.

I gave my presentation yesterday. I typed out a statement to go with the original art work and read from the first paragraph first then allowed the presentation and recording to play and then closed with the second paragraph of the statement. It was well received and different to the other presentations as I didn’t speak to much, the recording narrated the images. A fair point was made by Anna Steinburg about the copyright of images if I am going to be using such large parts of photographs in my work. I’ve never used so much of one photographic image in a piece before, but I was deliberately trying to simplify my work to only put across one message per image as I usually try to tell a story within one image. But as I liked the results of the simpler work, this is something I must consider so I don’t offend the photographer of the original image. I do have an SLR camera, but the lens is broken and the battery faulty, I will have to look into getting that repaired. It has made me think about trying to make simpler images but booking out parts of the image with pieces of colour or for example covering the shape of the hair in the photograph with something different like grass or sky, just so I can claim more ownership over the pieces. This is something I will have to investigate more…

Also, I would like to thank the rain for near destroying my Du postcards yesterday. I brought them into University with the hope of asking people to write on the back what they thought was going on within the image so I could pick out a narrative… when I dug them out of my bag they were all limp and pathetic. Damn weather!