TED Talks. Illustrating Science. The pieces that didn’t work…

Illustrating Science is something that I would rather run a mile from! Before going travelling to Australia for a month I chose a talk to think about while I was away. It was about the affect not having enough sleep has on your body. It was really interesting and made sense completely, it mentioned how you are more irritable, can lead to weight gain as your body craves carbohydrates, can lead to drug or alcohol dependancy, which only sedates you and doesn’t lead you to real sleep anyway. Mental health issues… It also Brought to light society’s change in attitude towards sleep over time. How it was once worshiped and wanted where as now it is more like an enemy, a waste of time, and money, attitude. I thought about trying to use the sea as the world of sleep, using sharks, using alcohol adverts, using bubble shapes, but the more I thought over things, realistically it seemed I was trying to reach to too many things, it wasn’t refined enough. Although I do believe I could of possible battled with it and made it work, maybe concentrating on one effect, I was losing the battle as I was travelling on planes, trains, cars, trams, sleeping on, couches, in cars, tents…

I came back from Oz mentally refreshed and inspired from all the work I got to see in Sydney’s 19th Biennale and all round Melbourne’s Fitzroy district and ready to get back into it. I chose to change my talk as I only have a week and a half left to deadline. I chose a talk by Jonathan Drori called The Beautiful Trickery of Flowers. It is about how the flowers that don’t release pollen into the wind use their bodies to attract insects and birds to them using visual tricks which then spread the pollen onto the insects and they go off and spread their seeds for them. The talk is visually beautiful and so clever. It is exactly how our society is. It’s all about attraction, evolving, the need to mate or to procreate. I think this will work better for me as it is essentially about one aspect. Panicking about the time frame and the advice of trying to battle with my collage more ringing in my ears, I got down to it as soon as I got back. I wanted to step away from using just magazine cut outs and using painted bits of paper and ephemeral things, tearing paper as well as cutting shapes and splicing it with magian cut outs but not cutting round the exact image, cutting shapes instead. After a crit, it was a fair enough comment to say it wasn’t really working, it looked amateurish and too home made. It did. Maybe i’ll carry on with that battle when I have more time, but for now, I’ll go back to what I do.

The weight gain from not enough sleep. Unfinished.



Turning to drink, a misleading solution to sleep. Unfinished.




Pieces on flowers unsung illusions and similarities to society in order to attract;











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