TED Talks. The Beautiful Tricks of Flowers. No. 8, Just Friends


Likening to society, how we strive to create perfection or stir up emotions such as jealousy, enamour, admiration, to attract members of the opposite sex in order to procreate or mate.

This will be ongoing until I complete my presentation where I hope to make a recording of a conversation between friends about attracting and copulating as a means to an end and not wanting any emotional attachment. Turning things on their head as it would be assumed to be a conversation males would have and men spread their seed, but seeing as this is a talk on reproduction, and the shift in society, I think it more fitting that it is a conversation between females. Also, i personally feel they make the most changes to themselves, (a generalisation, my opinion) to make themselves (feel) more attractive, whether it be make up, hair and eyelash extensions, clothing, leading through to cosmetic surgery etc.


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