Dissertation is Finally Sorted!

I met with Ashley and told her my concerns about my dissertation proposal. It was originally to be questioning whether it is easier to offend people using collage and investigating controversy within collage. I was looking at the artists Hannah Hoch, Joe Orton and Ceal Warnants. It was to be the 10,000 word option. I felt even when writing up the proposal that this could be too messy, too many artists, too broad. I also think I need to write about and investigate something that will help me find my visual language.

Ashley sat with me and I talked about Hannah Hoch and how I am drawn to her work, she threw questions at me which prompted answers which were then reiterated and formed into ideas and avenues for investigation and we agreed to take the 6000 word and a final piece of work option. I mentioned how her work is timeless even though it was produced using photomontage which belongs to a certain time. I need to unravel what makes her timeless, her subjects, her compositions, he selected use of materials and colours, her issues with society?

I’m feeling a lot more focused now and enthusiastic to research. I need to have my introduction and the most I can possibly get done on chapter planning/writing and visual examples for the end of October.



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