Next batch of Images for The Fox children’s book…

I think I have been a bit unrealistic with the targets I have allowed to be set. I am becoming frustrated when an image doesn’t work first time or if I feel I have taken too long on something. I might have to bump my deadline up by a few days as I also have a deadline for my dissertation introduction and chapter plans. Overall, I am happy with how the book is looking, I just would of liked to of experimented with some of the images a little more.

I also feel that I need some professional practice advice, how long is a realistic deadline on a children’s book brief, how to draw up a contract, how budgets are split between the author, illustrator and publisher, etc. I feel like I am going in to this a bit too naive.

I have a couple more spreads to finish but then I really need to focus on the books cover and bookends. I’m worrying about the title and font.

On an exciting note; I have been given a voluntary place at the House of Illustration once a week at least! So I will be involved in the other side of illustration, invigorating exhibitions, helping with events, organising fairs. Very exciting times!

Fox-pg1420141015_14374449   Fox-pg1520141015_14385135

Fox-pg1620141015_14395212   Fox-pg1720141015_14404348







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