Little Princess.


‘There is one, the Frog Princess, but all the most famous ones are like Cinderella […] a typical princess- blonde hair, white skin, blue eyes, pink lipstick – perfect girls. It makes it seem like black people aren’t as popular. You don’t see a punk princess, you don’t see a princess with tattoos, you don’t see a black princess, or a Goth princess with baggy jeans on and a normal jumper and normal weight, but then people would say that’s not a princess.’

Thigh Gap.


* Girls worry about being fat, because people judge them a lot.

* My friend’s sister was getting bullied and being told she’d be better off if she had an eating disorder so she could get thinner. She was 13.

* Guys look at Tumblr girls and Tumblr girls are meant to be perfect- that’s the whole idea. The girls on the internet are perfect…They need that idea of perfection […] if you don’t have a thigh gap you NEED to get a thigh gap.

* I remember being embarrassed about my thighs aged six […] I remember girls comparing their bodies in the toilet in Year 5. I must of been about nine.

* When I was about 9 years old, my Dad started calling me ‘thunder thighs’. I’ve never felt comfortable in shorts ever since.




* I was busy on a train reading my Comparative Government textbook (I’m a politics student) when the man opposite me commented ‘That looks a bit complicated for you, love, why don’t you try something a bit simpler?’

* Recently told by a stranger I’m ‘too pretty to be involved in politics’. Reply: ‘Good thing I was blessed with a brain, then’.

* On first day at Cambridge University, ancient don

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Everyday Sexism.

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Collages responding to the book, research and experiences documented in Everyday Sexism written by Laura Bates.
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* I was busy on a train reading my Comparative Government textbook (I’m a politics student) when the man opposite me commented ‘That looks a bit complicated for you, love, why don’t you try something a bit simpler?’

* Recently told by a stranger I’m ‘too pretty to be involved in politics’. Reply: ‘Good thing I was blessed with a brain, then’.

* On first day at Cambridge University, ancient don asked whether I had to ‘bend over’ to get in.

* Quote of the day: Nice young women don’t ‘play with Science’ *choking on my tea* It’s a fMRI scanner, not a Tonka truck.

‘… ‘I put this one up especially for the girls…. this is the late Steve Job’s wife- worth X billion dollars by virtue of the man she married. So girls, stick to the IT guys- you never know, you might strike it rich’.

* I went to a talk at my University by an esteemed male professor who was giving advice on how to be a scientist. He said that if we want to succees in academia as a scientist we needed ‘male traits’, those being competitiveness, confidence and impatience. Also mentioned that having children may be problematic career wise for women unless we had very understanding husbands.

* I live in Mexico and a common phrase here is ‘Calladita te ves mas bonita’ (you look prettier when you shut up). I can’t tell you how many times a professor at my university has said that to my classmates.



‘Most of the real issues, from my point of view, are not of men’s rights but of men’s welfare and wellbeing. There’s a pretty long list of issues which disproportionately impact upon men: socialization into violence (the willingness to both inflict it and accept it); disproportionate suicide rates; different patterns of physical and mental-health problems; drug and alcohol abuse; underacheivement in education; homelessness; criminal offending and the workings of the judicial and penal systems.
Many of those issues are connected, and I believe a lot of them can be traced back to a relative overemphasis on men (and especially boys’) personal culpability and agency. We really struggle as a society to see men’s problems as products of social forces, prefering to attribute them to individual failings. And yes, all of this is attribute to patriarchy, in feminist terms, but I don’t think that mean’s the victims shouldn’t matter.’

‘There should never be any victims who don’t matter, because this simply isn’t about men vs women. It’s not about taking away men’s rights, or about failing to focus on the issues that affect them, but about working together, towards a more equal society in which both women and men are inherently protected and able truly to fulfil their natural potential.’



*Mother to toddler son at nursery this morn, ‘Don’t cry, you’re not a girl are you?’.

* Took 2yr old son to barbers, ‘pls leave long but tidy up’. Reply ‘hmm you don’t want him to look like a girl’.

* My seven-year-old son likes nail varnish and frequently asks to wear it, I put it on him and my father-in-law said to me in front of my son ‘He’ll get called a poof’.

* At three my son couldn’t play with a pushchair because it was for girls. My friend’s five-year-old son was teased for wearing colourful wellies. At seven he couldn’t have a pink water bottle or luminous-pink football socks. At eight he shouldn’t go to dance cause it’s girly. My fourteen-year-old can’t accept a hug or a kiss from his family especially in public.



Body image issues and disorders are not limited to women. Men feel the pressures too.

30% of men have heard someone refer to their ‘beer belly’ and 19% have overheard talk about their ‘man boobs’
University of the West of England, 2012

63% of men think their arms or chests are not muscular enough
University of the West of England, 2012

Over 1 in 10 men said they would trade a year of their life for the ideal body weight and shape
University of the West of England, 2012



‘Myths that a rape victim must have struggled and shouted and screamed in order for the rape to of been ‘real’ leave many victims who freeze in fear feeling doubted and blamed. Like the rape survivor who told the story of rape at the hands of a housemate, who had entered her room as she slept in the middle of the night. The Crown Prosecution told her they wouldn’t take her case to court as there was no evidence of a struggle that was likely to convince a jury.’

Everyday Sexism. Laura Bates. 2014.




‘We lost Amada Todd, pressured into exposing her teenage breasts to a stranger on the internet and blackmailed and bullied for the photographs for the rest of her short life until she hanged herself.
We lost teenager Rehtaeh Parsons, who hanged herself after she was gang raped and labelled a slut when photographs of her rape were published online.
We lost twelve-year-old Gabrielle Molina, who committed suicide after being taunted by school bullies who called her a slut and a whore.
We lost Felicia Garcia, fifteen, who jumped in front of a train after enduring bullying and taunts about being a slut after sexual activity at a party.
We lost nineteen-year-old Lizzy Seeberg because when she tried to report her rapist received threatening texts from his friend telling her, ‘Don’t do anything you would regret’, and campus security failed to interview the alleged perpetrator for ten days, by which time she had committed suicide.
We lost Audrie Pott, fifteen, who hanged herself after her brutal sexual assault was photographed and shared online and led to vicious sexual bullying.
We lost Rachel Ehmke when she committed suicide, aged just thirteen, after she was taunted by bullies who called her a slut and scrawled the word across her locker.’
‘In August 2012, a sixteen-year-old girl was subjected to repeated sexual assaults and raped in Steubenville, Ohio. The incidents were captured on video via mobile phones and posted on social media. When two boys were convicted of rape, the CNN reporter covering the story said; ‘I’ve never experienced anything like it […] It was incredibly emotional, incredibly dificult even for an outsider like me to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students literally watched as they believed their lives fell apart.”

Everyday Sexism. Laura Bates. 2014.