Forward with Feminism

Now that my dissertation is over, I began with having a couple of sketch days focussing on nothing in particular just to get back into the right frame of mind for creating images.

Reflecting back on my dissertation and the images I want to make and the issues I want to address, I came to the conclusion that I need to continue the dissertation type research throughout the rest of the year. Reading Everyday Sexism has rang true to me through a lot of the cases addressed, but i feel I need to know more about the histories of Feminism, the purpose, the difference between the waves and the language it uses. I have only been reiterating experiences of my own or ones I can relate to, but now I need background knowledge and a broader understanding. I also feel that (and I don’t mean to discredit the book) this is a subject that people, including women, already are either wary of, don’t want to associate with, or are quick to dismiss and the way Everyday Sexism is written, although it states plenty of facts, is in a ranting tone. The language allows it to be relateable; (which I guess is the point of it) however, I feel in order for my work to carry more weight I need to read texts that are more substantial and critically involved in the movemement.

I have borrowed a number of books from the library and researched Feminist groups in Cardiff. I’ve joined the group Cardiff Feminist Network and emailed people about becoming involved through my work. There are a couple of events; one being held through the night at the National Museum and there was a lady asking for artists who address feminism within their work to get in touch. I am hoping to hear back from someone soon.


Power Shoes.

As she expounded her tough stance on immigration she stood in shoes worthy of the front row at Paris fashion week.

Guardian, on Home Secretary Theresa May.

Everyday Sexism. Laura Bates. 2014.



Tweet: I get insulted frequently for this. Told I am unnatural, heartless, and most commonly selfish. I often get treated like a pariah among friends and family with children, or even strangers […] I get treated like a child-hater, which I’m not […] I get threatened, derided and told I’m not a real woman, or that I’ll inevitably change my mind when I am older/more mature. (I’m nearly 30, apparently old enough to do everything apart from decide I don’t want a baby.)

Bates. 2014.

I now need to focus on my image making during these last 4 months or so in order to come away being able to make strong images. I need to remember composition, keep it simple and use colour correctly. I do plan to take time away to sketch and make collages for arts sake. Still applying the attention to composition and colour within my collages especially.

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