When i was 9 a man asked ‘the girl with the dick sucking lips’ to come here.

I started experiencing crude, cruel street harrassment as soon as I started growing breasts at 12.

Stood on the pavement with a friend & a van driver honks, it’s been the usual since age 12 walking in school uniform.

Everyday Sexism. Laura Bates. 2014.

Hopefully by reiterating these quotes visually and making the viewer uncomfortable it will raise awareness of how incidences like this are unacceptable. I personally related to these stories more than most. After reading these, I went through magazines and photographs looking for suitable images and came across an advert for Stella McCartney. Across the little girl was a banner saying: ‘Your kid wants to grow up. Let them.’ (or very similar to) On the adjoining page was the same little girl wearing a pair of high heels and carrying a handbag. This disregard for the short-lived innocence of children for the sake of consumerism angered me leading me to use this image.


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