Below Par.




I look at images of women everywhere I go- in shop windows, on the sides of buses, in the tube, on the backs of newspapers,
in magazines open in women’s laps, on billboards, on videos, on TV, on the internet, popping up in my screen. They are all the same. They are taller than me, so much thinner than me, beautiful, flawless, perfectly made up. Many, many of them revealing their long, toned legs right the way up to the tops, their flat, flawless stomachs in all their teeny, tiny glory, their ample cleavages looking perfect- not fat, but perky. They are all like that. There aren’t any I can look at and think, she’s a bit like me, that’s ok. And they are everywhere.The ideal woman lauded by the media is thin, conventionally attractive, perfectly groomed and shaved, an ideal that is hard to reach for many women, but impossible and out of the question for women of colour since beauty is linked to being white…


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