‘Women are under threat from this epidemic of sexual violence and equally endangered by public attitudes towards it, which enable and encourage perpetrators, blame and silence victims…
There is a massive anomaly inherent in the UK public and media perception of victims of rape, domestic violence and sexual assault. What was she doing there? What was she wearing? Has she led him on…

Myths about dark shadowy strangers make girls think they ‘owe’ their boyfriends sex and boys think it’s not possible to rape a girl you know, even if she is drunk, or semiconscious. They make men think it’s not abuse if it is your own wife.’


6 years of rape and sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse because ‘I can do what I want to you- you are my wife’.

My boyfriend raped me… He got drunk and I tried to leave, but he pinned me down and forced me to have sex. Then he acted like nothing had happened…

Everyday Sexism. Laura Bates. 2014.


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