I am a secondary Science teacher and a form tutor in Yorkshire. I witness on a daily basis the girls in my classes being called ‘whore’, ‘bitch’, ‘slag’, ‘slut’ as a matter of course, heckled if they speak up i class, their shirts being forcibly undone and their skirts being lifted and held by groups of boys. ( I WANT TO EMPHASISE THAT THIS IS MORE OFTEN THAN NOT A DAILY EVENT, AND OFTEN BOARDERS ON ASSAULT). On a daily basis I am forced to confiscate mobile phones as boys are watching hardcore pornography videos in lessons and I have noticed sadly that as time has gone on that the girls in my classes have become more reserved and reluctant to draw attention to themselves.
I am currently dealing with a situation whereby a girl in my class sent a topless photo of herself to her then boyfriend, said boyfriend then used this to blackmail the girl into giving him oral sex which he filmed on his phone and then distributed both the photo and the video amongst the boys in the year. The girl is now having to consider leaving the school and interrupting her GCSE’s due to the abuse she is experiencing from her fellow pupils.
What I am seeing every day is incredibly worrying and distressing. It is getting worse and worse. I wanted to share this snapshot of my working life with others… The problem is that people are too willing to brush this issue under the carpet and dismiss it as just natural teenage deviance. However, being on the front line, I can tell you this is a completely different animal. There is an underlying violent and vicious attitude towards girls, a leaning towards seeing them as products to be used.
Everyday Sexism. Laura Bates. 2014.

2 thoughts on “Disseminate.

    • Yes, I altered it to show when she done it and how she feels after. It’s not always to get attention, it’s naivity. And it’s about the trust she has in the person she sends them to for them to then betray that and social media allows things tospread fast and stay around for a long time.


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