Sex Ed.



Porn shouldn’t be viewed as documentary- that’s the problem… it’s amateur, it’s real people- and they blur the line between entertainment and actual reality…. And also the age: most of the boys in your year will probably have been watching it since about fourteen- that’s before you’ve ever seen your first girl naked- so that’s how they learn about sex.

I know boys in my school were watching porn in year 7- possibly earlier. They started circulating pictures. And they were also making rape jokes- like saying, ‘You’re so hot I’d rape you.’ Or not seeing it as a very big deal. They have no proper understanding of what rape is… ‘It’s not rape if you enjoy it’- that was something that was said a lot.

I am thirteen and I am so scared to have sex it makes me cry nearly every day. We had sex education in Year 6 and I felt fine about it, but now some of the boys at school keep sending these videos of sex which are much worse than what we learnt about and it looks so horrible and like it hurts and it keeps coming into my mind and at night I get really scared that one day I will have to do it…. everyone at school keeps acting like it’s normal and we have to do it really soon like some of the boys keep asking me have I done it and will I do it with them and showing me horrible pictures and things.

My younger brother is 13. He had his friends round last weekend and I couldn’t believe it when I heard them sitting in the front room discussing girls in their class in 3 categories ‘frigid’, ‘sluts’, and ‘would like to rape’.

‘… But their silence in front of their male peers that afternoon is deafening, and confirms the impact of such treatment with depressing clarity. Meanwhile the boys challenge me at every stage of the discussion… No wonder the message we are sending our boys find such fertile breeding ground, they go unchallenged at every stage.’

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