Tutorial notes.

After a tutorial with Anna last week, it was suggested to move away from vintage imagery and challenge the issues with contemporary imagery. I will be spending a day a week in the library with journals such as European Photography, Eye, Hotshoe, National Geographic, Collezoni; to name a few. I had previously been using Du, vintage Vogues, fashion magazines from Amsterdam, old photographs etc. Anna also suggested visiting the British Library and the Women’s library and seeking out online image banks. I have agreed to make 20 images within the following 2 weeks and then take my favourite 5 to screen print and see how this changes the images.

I had previously taken some images to be printed digitally and it appears my screen is not calibrated properly so I need to pay IT a visit as the print outs were more intense inn colour and the subtleties of the painted marks were lost in transition.

I am enjoying being back to making images although I am aware that I need to push them in different directions. I plan to make the series of 20 and keep them similar then take some to print. After this I want to try a different approach, stripping the photographs down a lot more, adding more paint and creating more of a sceen, more of a story, so to speak. I am also aware that I don’t want to come away with a portfolio of images all too similar, so I want to  experiment a little more. The point I am at now with my work makes me wish I was at this point last year so I still had another year to push this before the end of my degree.

I have become involved in more activities to do with feminism and women’s issues, such as an overnight gathering called The Gossip as part of Artes Mundi at the musuem and going to see Stacyann Chin perform. I have registered to take part in the Welsh Women’s Assembly at the Millenium Centre next month and the Million Women Rise march in London. I am also trying to take advantage of the creative carrer talks and events and have arranged to have a talk with Es, our carrer advisor this coming Tuesday.


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