‘Most of the real issues, from my point of view, are not of men’s rights but of men’s welfare and wellbeing. There’s a pretty long list of issues which disproportionately impact upon men: socialization into violence (the willingness to both inflict it and accept it); disproportionate suicide rates; different patterns of physical and mental-health problems; drug and alcohol abuse; underacheivement in education; homelessness; criminal offending and the workings of the judicial and penal systems.
Many of those issues are connected, and I believe a lot of them can be traced back to a relative overemphasis on men (and especially boys’) personal culpability and agency. We really struggle as a society to see men’s problems as products of social forces, prefering to attribute them to individual failings. And yes, all of this is attribute to patriarchy, in feminist terms, but I don’t think that mean’s the victims shouldn’t matter.’

‘There should never be any victims who don’t matter, because this simply isn’t about men vs women. It’s not about taking away men’s rights, or about failing to focus on the issues that affect them, but about working together, towards a more equal society in which both women and men are inherently protected and able truly to fulfil their natural potential.’


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