*Mother to toddler son at nursery this morn, ‘Don’t cry, you’re not a girl are you?’.

* Took 2yr old son to barbers, ‘pls leave long but tidy up’. Reply ‘hmm you don’t want him to look like a girl’.

* My seven-year-old son likes nail varnish and frequently asks to wear it, I put it on him and my father-in-law said to me in front of my son ‘He’ll get called a poof’.

* At three my son couldn’t play with a pushchair because it was for girls. My friend’s five-year-old son was teased for wearing colourful wellies. At seven he couldn’t have a pink water bottle or luminous-pink football socks. At eight he shouldn’t go to dance cause it’s girly. My fourteen-year-old can’t accept a hug or a kiss from his family especially in public.

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