Everyday Sexism Workshop and Illustration Interaction.

Here I will post some of the comments made in relation to the illustrations I hung on the wall of the workshop.


The notes from this were;

(on sexualised as a young girl)

* Grew up in the countryside & used to go on walks around “the block”. Had to hide from a white van who was following and making inappropriate comments. Aged 14.

(on discimination in education)

* Discouraged from Science by teachers.

* Placements offered men students more money than me.


(on western beauty ideals and perfection portrayed in the media)

* From 12 years old onwards I was asked if I was ‘pregnant or just fat’ because I didn’t meet beauty standards.


(on staying safe in public)

*ALWAYS hold keys as a weapon.

* Have been told off by male friends for walking home after a night out as if I am not a capable woman able to look after herself.

* Hold keys b/w my fingers.

* Had bruises from people smacking my bum.

* Fag burn from men in van because I didn’t appreciate sexual comments.

* Security at club told me to ‘suck it up’ when harrassed.


This note reads; I have been brought up to ‘dress appropriately’ for my figure- I even wished I was Anorexic because at least then I could be considered as pretty.


One woman addressed here; Sexual fulfilment for women as much as for men.


(refering to sexism around the family unit)

* Mother is a professional in health service & father lives away. There was a stigma w/ parents living apart but not seperated. “What’s wrong, doesn’t your dad like you?”

(refering to sexism within the home)

* Being told it was my ‘job’ to have sex with my boyfriend.

After reporting back the events of the workshop, there are plans to have a meeting with members of Cardiff Feminist Network to take the discussion further.


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