Slow Week.

I feel like for the last 2 weeks I have been so ridiculously busy yet not really got anywhere, with my images anyway.

This week I have met with Victoria Jones of the PDR building. She has selected some of my pieces that she can use for a blog on gender equality within the creative industry. I just need to write up a blurb about each image and send them over to her. She gave me a few people to also look up and contact.

I have emailed the police regarding who to go to and what can be done when women are sexually assaulted in public spaces. 2 people have responded, 1 telling me to contact my local police; so obviously nothing is drafted across the nation and the local police telling me to contact my local PCSO. I will do that tomorrow, but I am aware that they don’t have the powers to arrest etc, they can only request the names and addresses of people and sexual assault is illegal…

I have had a mini tutorial with Nigel in the print studio. I shown him some of my images and he doesn’t believe they need takin ginto print to be any more effective. he said for what it would bring to the images, it would take up the rest of the time of my degree to perfect technique and achieve the desired effect. He suggested maybe just playing with the collage again. Deconstructing the images, printing them out seperately and physically making the collages again. I’m thinking of even deconstructing them and creating them as a scene as they would be physically in public then photographing them. He did suggest an animation, which would be pretty amazing, I could have scenario into scenarion, but again, I haven’t ever done an animation and we don’t have long left. I have a tutorial with Anna next week, so will speak to her about the options.

I have also had a phone conversation with a lady from a Sexual Wellbeing Charity that has just been launched. She spoke with me about drawing up a brief and me creating some illustrations for the websites and leaflets and posters. I am aware she has not looked at any of my work, she doesn’t seem to mind this; but we are in touch because I was originally going to volunteer for the charity. But now it is at crunch time with my degree, I don’t have the time to waste making images if they are not what is in mind for the branding of the charity. I have emailed her a link to my page so she can look and I will have a look at the brief when it is drawn up and decide whether I should commit to it or not.

I haven’t started collaging the furniture yet… I need to get moving on this…

There is more. I now I am forgetting something…. TBC.


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