Emails, Meetings, Ideas and Networking.

Today I met with a fellow Cardiff Met student who put a post on Cardiff Feminist Network group page on Facebook saying he was thinking of setting up a sexism awareness/ women’s society as Cardiff Met does not have one unlike Cardiff University and he was asking if anyone had any information or if they wanted to be involved. I contacted him asking him to meet so we could possibly start something up. We discussed how to go about setting up a society, how to generate interest and who we have ben in contact with so far. We need to generate interest from at least 10 students to be able to suggest starting up. I spoke of the society promoting equality rather than being gender specific and encouraging work from  both sides rather than creating a ‘X vs Y’. I plan to speak to my peeers and the rest of the course to get names and contact details, speak to the SU and come up with a plan of action. Christia has gone away to do more research and speak with his peers also and already reported his positive responses to the idea.

I am still waiting on a reply to the email I sent to Cardiff PCSO department about legalities and information on who to report incidences of sexual assault to. A friend who studies Journalism suggested contacting Gwent Police as they have a department that specialises in this area.

I received an email back from Chris Green of the White Ribbon Campaign. He said he is keen for me to help with illustration work to promote awareness and he has an idea for an alphabet book. I have given him my facebook page so he can have a look at my work and see if I can tailor it to the audience he is aiming the book at. I also told him about the society as it would be good to work in colaboration with them and Christian has been looking at the campaign and plans to contact them also.

I have recieved the brief to launch the new Sexual Wellbeing charity and we are waiting for people to report back when they are available for a group Skype meeting. I have sent my page over to Olive and she has said the work will suit and has asked if we could also speak seperately at some point over the week.

I have sent emails out to the lady I met at the workshop at the WMC who works for Equality and Human rights asking for legal information as I have an idea to create a ‘cocktale’ menu to put around bars in Cardiff, stating things that are actually illegal and consequences and inofrmation etc, in the style of a cocktail menu.

Tonight I visited a creative networking event at Little Man Coffee Company ran by A Little Chance. I have emailed A Little Chance asking for information to speak and show a presentation of my work at their next event. I also chatted to some of the staff at the coffee shop and they are keen to promote creatives. They ahve a wall that you can apply to exhibit on and the girls were enthusiastic about the sexism awareness. Also, the space below would be a perfect space to hold workshops/interaction. I have emailed the manager to see how I can apply for the wall and space although the staff were sure the next six weeks is booked out. The manager is also good friends with my current manager, so hopefully he will be happy to help and possibly allow my menus to be displayed there as well as the bar I work in now.



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