Quick catch up summary.

I spent too much time chasing people and ideas to help with campaigns and charities that in the end, my image making had just ground to a halt. I had a tutorial with Amelia and she advised that I just stop chasig and start making images as all these things can continue after the degree but my degree has a deadline.

I gave up on emailing the police and went in and asked to speak to someone. The lady told me that if a sexual assault, anything you feel uncomfortable with happening, occurs then you would ring the non-emergency number; 101. There the police would take all of the details and investigate it like any other crime. She sisn’t understand why I had been passed from pillar to post when this would be the proceedure. She assured me that any incident would be taken seriously and go in whatever direction the victim wanted it to.

The charity communication has stopped for a couple of weeks as Olive and I are nearing deadline time and she has been having health troubles. I need to email the SU about the society as Christian has gone back home to visit family. Chris Green from White Ribbon never got back to me about the age range of the sexist alphabet book; so I have started it anyway aimed at adults. I have pestered Little Man Coffee company and they have just got back to me tonight saying my work isn’t really suitable, but they would like to meet with me next week. I have mentioned my alphabet work as it is more metaphorical rather than direct impact. I need to log back onto my uni email to see if my work has been used for the PDR equality within design blog. And I have had an email from a lady I met at the Millenium Centre workshop as she has mentioned progress with her non gender specific toy range buisness idea.

I had a tutorial with Nigel from print and he advised not to take my images to print as there would be nothing to gain from it. He suggested physically printing the components of my images and physically recreating them and I thought of maybe making them stand up and create them as a scene. I tried this but wasn’t happy with the results and abandoned the idea. I want to try a more metaphorical approach and make people think about what is going on and the meaning and leave the other images as they are. The images are direct which is the impact I want; so should be left as they are.

11013151_10153168149983886_114761344978928380_n 11148747_10153168149758886_4957056104187480232_n 11149285_10153168150198886_7721957376624459730_n  11162461_10153168150388886_1873106033827635212_n


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