Final Hand In.

Today I set up my space for my final hand in. I’m happy with the theme and overall look I have gone for; going for the grey colour for the ‘grey area’ comments and the crude collaging of sexist news articles and feminist reporting of feminists speaking up for themselves against social expectations and and socail media, etc.

I tried to also keep my children’s book in with the theme by keeping it enclosed in a white folder with only a grey ribbon round it with collaged leaves inside.

I unfortunately read my books properly when I picked them up (I had 2 printed) from the printers and found 4 mistakes. I couldn’t keep it like this, I had to hand amended files back in and get it re-printed. It is my portfolio, it is a subject that people will be quick to pick holes in and the fact that it is meant to be a dictionary; I couldn’t keep them with the mistakes. They will now be for myself only and my amended book will be ready in time for my degree show. Dan at Abbey Book Binding has the patience of a Saint!






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