Final Edit- Oxford; Privilege and Prejudice.


I was left unhappy with my accompanying image for the article on Oxford’s lack of diversity within their admissions. I felt my image could of been easily misinterpreted with the arrows looking more like they were attacking the bird house rather than trying to get over the bushes to get in. Also, it wasn’t obvious enough that the arrow heads were cut from birds.

I chose to use the bare feet in this as a sign of assumed purity to illustrate the privilage to white (and with wealthy backgrounds) students. I toyed witht he idea of using the legs of men in suits as I felt this would convey the socio-economic and gender issue too, however you can not determin the colour of the men’s skin. I decided I would focus on the fact stated in the article that ony 27 black British students were addmitted in a single year.

Here is the full article: