The Lottie Project- Jacqueline Wilson. Experimentation.


Before I left university I spoke to my tutor, Amelia, about wanting to illustrate subject that have meaning and depth. I liked the thought of illustrating children’s books as I enjoy the artwork myself, but I wanted to illustrate weighty issues. Amelia pointed me to Jaqueline Wilson’s work as she addresses issues in life in a way that helps children to understand and cope. I have began to illustrate The Lottie project; a book written through the voice of a young girl that is used to having her mum to herself and how she struggles to accept her mum’s new love interest as well as money worries and school life too. I am experimenting with my work too. I’m making my collage 3d and then photographing them back to 2d. I am playing with composition and perspective and I’m thinking of adding some more digital collage to the images after they have been photographed.



But the moment I set eyes on Miss Beckworth I knew none of us would be laughing. … ‘It’s three minutes past nine’, Miss Beckworth announced. ‘You’re late.’