MA Summer Project

Before embarking on my MA journey at Manchester School of Art, we were asked to produce two A3 images. One was of our work up to date and one was to give an idea of what we wanted to get from the MA.


Bearing in mind the advice from my interview, I created my first piece considering type and design within my image. It was advised that I begin to do this to make me more friendly to clients, if you like and also more in control of how my work will look in print. (Also allowing me to keep more of the budget). I also need to learn my way around Adobe Indesign and research into typography… so I began with this basic magazine layout to show the group some of my work to date and the different contexts of my work.


My second piece shows me ready to start my journey and explore new worlds of design that I have not considered so far. From my MA, I would like to experiment aesthetically, learn Indesign and Final Cut Pro, gain knowledge into prefoessional practice and research more in depth into gender bias and stereotypes alongside producing illustrations for editorial contexts, music covers and books.


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