Pecha Kucha Summary and Learning Outcomes.

Yesterday’s Pecha Kucha presentations helped make sense of my research so far. I am in no way able to pinpoint one area of focus for rest of my research but it was suggested maybe holding mini projects within the groundwork and look into one area at a time and see what practical work can arise from it.

There are many contexts for my research to take place. Academic reading provides me with factual and background knowledge and allows me to be aware of what research has taken place already, at the same time communicating and observing what is happening within society is imperative to my work. I am engaging with people face to face, observing from a distance, as well as becoming involved in groups of like-minded people via social media as a way to problem solve and come up with ideas to educate and raise awareness of these social constrictions. Reading people’s comments on media articles and interviews with people who are speaking out against the conventional is difficult, distressing, and disturbing, but in spite of that, it highlights just how deep this problem runs. Talking through my research with my peers highlighted that I have inadvertently avoided any illustrators or designers who are also working to highlight this issue through their work. I have looked to Grayson Perry as he is again very prevalent at the moment, but my research so far has been predominantly looking away from the art world. I need to rectify this. I don’t want to be re-inventing the wheel. To narrow down my reading slightly I may have to identify areas that interest me and set small areas of focus within the larger body. Perhaps I could draw attention to the use of colour, the difference between dialogue and tone, children’s toys, the differences between genders in accordance to science. Testing the reaction to the work derived from these areas will hopefully then progress to further experimentation and highlight key areas to engage within.

Other suggestions were for me to revisit DaDa. This movement although born to help everyone feel part of a whole regardless of race, origin, language barriers, and religions, it shown sexist traits. A peer recommended I watch DaDa Cinema to see how the artists conveyed people as one as to other. It was mentioned again that this topic could be addressed as a film, be with with actors, animation or as a documentary piece. We spent some time looking at video mapping also which could prove very interesting. My partner and I had also spoke of computer games or a virtual reality experience. Although I would like to keep making collage illustration for certain aspects of my research and documentation, due to the nature of this topic, it is too big for 2D static illustration alone. This is exciting and daunting at the same time as I have never worked with moving image before.

One of my peers suggested I need to collect data and do something with that. Respectfully, I would like to argue that will not be so visually effective and I don’t believe people would react to statistics for this topic. I feel documenting occurrences would be more productive, or even telling people’s stories. People are aware that young men are affected by mental health issues and a higher percentage of young men commit suicide than women. I don’t feel the facts of this have helped change anything, maybe just made people more aware. With this I believe it could be more effective encouraging people to relate and connect in some way rather than illustrating facts.

For us all to move forward with our research and start to cover the learning outcomes we have decided to organise and exhibition as a response to the critical feedback from the exhibition. For me this is to research into how and why pink now constitutes as feminine. Our group plans to meet up every Thursday and talk about our progress, test pieces with each other, and gain from the critical feedback.  We will be enquiring about dates for the exhibition next week.


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