Professional Platforms – Week 8

December 18th my last Monday and was the week before the Christmas break and the first week of specialism. During the assessment period the students were asked what area they would like to specialise even though the college is very keen to allow students to branch out and either do different projects from different specialisms via their own specialism or for them to seek tutorials from tutors of other specialism. The tutors are wanting to give student creative freedom.

The Visual Communications specialism delivered a brief to create a quick zine telling everyone something about yourself that people wouldn’t necessarily know. Students spoke of different things like hobbies and clubs they were involved in, unusual collections they had in their home, and things they collected. At the end of the three sessions they were to have their zine printed and for it to go on display in the studio. The point of this quick brief was to give the student a deeper understanding of what constitutes as a zine; how they can be presented and what form they can take; what they can include or address; to allow them to consider presentation, layout, and print; for them to feel they have accomplished something by seeing their work transform and go to print; for them to be prepared by considering all the components to compose a zine and take this forward and engage with a three-week Zine project at the beginning of next term.

I feel like I shouldn’t have been available for this session. December is a very tiring month with my workload doubling and juggling this as well as university, placement and very few days off I had hit a wall and could not give 100%. I should have predicted this and felt disappointed with myself and my performance. I will hopefully make up for this throughout the year as I plan to engage with the students again mid-way through their specialism to see how they have developed and again when it comes to the writing their FMP proposal and again for their exhibition. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the tutors and students of the college and believe I have gained an insight to what is expected of you as a tutor, the pressures and problems that come along with the job role, and more importantly I have appreciated being able to work with students that are producing meaningful and engaging work.


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