Velvet ungerglaze colour testing

Notes for my personal records of the Amaco Velvet Underglazes. The individual images are of the underglazes unfired. The underglaze was applied on one side with a sponge and wiped off and applied again to test textures and on the underside the underglaze was applied with a brush and multiple layers of glaze was applied to one half of the clay to test opacity. The collective images are colours after firing. All are unglazed which is supposed to intensify the colours even more.

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Images of wall charts are taken from the glaze and oxide induction and are of various clays with oxides and glazes applied and fired.

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Tittymama has Spectrum Underglaze applied and fired. I decided to paint over this with the Amaco Velvets and fire again. I prefer the look of the Amaco and the texture of the figure after firing twice has changed and looks more worn.

spectrum:velvets:fired 2





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