The Sexist’s Alphabet. Whore. (Amended)


After a tutorial with Amelia, she pointed out to me that ‘Whore’ was possibly the most important image of the collection but it wasn’t really communicating. I wanted to confuse the viewer, to make them question what they were looking at and what it was that made this woman a whore. But Amelia pointed out that a woman is usually called a whore behind her back and by a group. We spoke about the pack mentality when men get together and how their individual personalities are lost as they try to act up to their stereotype. The woman is reduced to an object rather than a person. This name calling and slander would not happen in a face to face conversation between a woman and a man. There is always distance when this term is used. So I re-worked the image to communicate this.

The Sexist’s Alphabet. Sow.


I wanted to make this to point out, again, double standards. There is a stigma attatched to a woman who has children to different fathers. I have never heard the same be said about men who have children to multiple women. I have heard comments be said about women by both women and men and have personally witnessed the panic of a friend who got caught pregnant again and the panic was because of this stigma not because of the stability of her relationship. Whether this comes about because it is mostly women who then take lead parent in the children’s lives after relationships break down, or not, it takes two, so why is it only the women who are frowned upon?